Let’s work together

At House of Herders our aim is to provide accessible training in order to better improve the lives of herding breeds across the central belt of Scotland.

Herding breeds are working breeds used to control livestock such as Border & Bearded Collies, German Shepherds, Shelties, Corgi’s and even spitz breeds like Pomeranians. In the kennel club, they are often referred to as Pastoral breeds. These dogs have a specific set of needs due to the centuries gone by that have carved these dogs into the best worker they can possibly be. Often, owners find their dogs terrified by noise, excited by cyclists, over aroused by movement and lacking an off switch of any kind to name a few common concerns.

Training will not be quick; but nothing worth waiting for ever is. In the process of training your dog, your bond will become tighter and you will become a team. And from that solid relationship we can rebuild your situation and find a way for your herder to exist within the city environment. You can book in here.

Currently, we have a podcast available across all major platforms, an active Instagram, TikTok account and a Facebook page. On all the socials, you can find us by searching – House of Herders

We are taking bookings NOW – beware, spaces fill up fast as we limit our intake to ensure we can give the best to our clients.

A man with a parka jacket and cap, watching the three collies run toward the camera. The setting is the misty hills of Dalwhinnie