Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a herder?

A: A herding is a working dog that is controls movement. Most of these dogs are used in farming with livestock. Examples of the breed are Border Collies, German Shepherds, Kelpies and Cattle dogs. 

Q: Can I only work with you if I have a herder?

A: You can work with us no matter what dog you share your life with! We have a special interest in herding breeds, but as dog trainers are more than skilled enough to work with general pet dog problems and behaviour issues. 

Q: What’s the guarantee if I train with you?

A: Simply, there isn’t one. Dogs are living beings, and behaviour modification takes time. Fighting against genetics takes consistency and dedication from both the trainer and the dogs guardian.  If we think you would progress better with another trainer, or we cannot improve your situation, we will be honest and let you know. 

Q: Can I claim my insurance? 

A: We cannot directly submit a claim to your insurer. However, we do work alongside behaviourist team that can, and we are more than happy to work in partnership to get you the best help possible. 

Q: Who will me trainer be?

A: We assign the right trainer to the case, between Lhanna & Gemma. If you have a preference, please do let us know but often we work together on cases as we both bring different things to the table. 

Q: Are the trainers behaviourists, and are they qualified?

A: Dog training is a completely unregulated industry and anyone can call themselves a behaviourist as it is not a protected title. 

Lhanna and Gemma are both skilled trainers and behaviour consultants. This means they have trained hands on within the industry under more skilled trainers and spent many hours reading and researching to be better at their job. We work in partnership with a CAB – Clinical Animal Behaviourist at Control the Meercat.

Q: Do you do a payment plan?

A: We do. You are more than welcome to pay the 4 session block in two instalments. One in advance of training and the latter before the final two sessions. 

Q: Where do you cover?

A: We are based in the west and the north of Glasgow. We cover the whole of the Greater Glasgow area, and are happy to travel out with, which will incur a travel fee. 

Q: My question isn’t here.

A: Get in touch, we are more than happy to answer!