The Team

Training at House of Herders is carried out by Lhanna Dickson & Gemma MacMillan. Often, we co teach classes together so we can spend more time with each client individually, but also so we can share ideas and build your skillset based on what you need and not be hampered by where our personal skillsets end. You can always select a training, but otherwise we will choose which of us best suits your needs.

Lhanna Dickson

Hi! I have been working with dogs for almost a decade, and professionally training dogs for half of that time.

Adopting my trio of border collies was baptism of fire into the world of canine guardianship. I always refer to myself as the reluctant dog trainer, as all I ever wanted was to give my dogs the best life I could and in order to do that I ended up becoming a dog trainer! I have worked with all breeds of dogs as a pet dog trainer, and still enjoy doing so. However I cannot get over how often I see herders being misunderstood. I have completed courses with The School of Canine Science, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, am part of the faculty at The Victoria Stilwell Academy. Most recently I became a rehabilitation trainer supporting a remote CCAB. These opportunities led me to love training and to make it my permanent full time vocation.

With my own dogs, I love doing scent work such as searches, tracking and Urban Herding. I also love taking their photos and photographs of other dogs too!

Gemma MacMillan

Hi, I’m Gemma. I have been working with dogs professionally for the last 5 years, and run a successful dog walking business alongside training.

I always knew I wanted herders, and now share my life with a working beardy, a collie x beardy and a collie! My dogs being me so much joy, even though they have gave me my fair share of learning opportunities. As a trainer, I have studied with The School of Canine science, Fenzi Academy and Dog Trainer College. Recently alongside Lhanna I became a rehabilitation trainer too! I love being able to make training more accessible; but also just focussing on the practical aspects of training.

With my dogs, we compete in agility, heelwork to music, canicross and have so much fun with scentwork.

Who we work with.

Lhanna and Gemma are both associate trainers at Lothlorien Dog services. Both completed an apprenticeship in dog training here, and continue to be active team members. This allows them to reach more dogs by spreading their sessions between Glasgow & Lothians.

They are also rehabilitation trainers with Control the Meerkat, where they take on insurance cases, working alongside the team to reach behaviour goals,